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((( ~~~ now ~~~ )))

once I saw the sun and the sun was me but I was not myself what am I?*I am floating bitless hoping fearless flying and flying*no rescue*find ~

In the clouds

We now go into the parts to unite in the whole. Through our sword we cut the whole with the mind and with the heart we unite.


Once I licked a sugar cream liecky licky. And then it became salt. Salty Slaty. Yeah! Licky Licky!

Flickering Water

At the end of the flow of time is the moment of whispering and hearing. The dream becomes a dream and the sleeping becomes awake.

In between day and night …

… recently I caught these sounds coming directly from the moon. I suspect it was some kind of ancient resonance between day and night. However, the moon is the medium. It vibrates and transmits these […]

Measuring string formations encoding a forest

A subquark microscope was recently developed. With this we were able to measure string formation and interaction as a basis for a forest simulation (how we as human precept the forest). You can see and […]